We’ve been crazy about kimonos lately!  An order of exquisite vintage Japanese haoris and long kimonos just arrived at Eden and it’s been such fun garnering inspiration from customers, friends and lots of Internet and Pinterest image searches of how to style them, both traditionally and non-traditionally.  (All images below come from our Pinterest, our Look Book and our Instagram feed – follow us @edenpdx!)

A French Vogue cover featuring a traditional kimono.

Antique hand-tinted photographs of Japanese women and girls in kimonos.

Many European artists were inspired by an increasing Asian influence, and a slew of portraits of Western women in traditional Japanese garb resulted.

Silent and classical Hollywood actresses were often photographed in Japanese and Chinese garb.

Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort wearing kimonos and smoking hookah in Harold and Maude.

Molly Ringwald also donned a kimono for this scene in Pretty in Pink.

Street style shots of pretty ladies in kimonos.

Editorial shots featuring kimonos.

Kimonos can even be beautiful incorporated as decor.

We featured one in our Look Book last October.

Here’s a few of the kimonos currently available at Eden!

Plus one extra-special kimono!  Why so special? Shop girl Sara explains:

“This long black silk kimono is a kuro-tomesode, a very long robe typified by shorter sleeves and the maximum number of kamon (the family crests on this robe are a pair of crossed owl feathers in a small circle). The five crests on the robe indicate the highest level of formality. The lining, dyed scarlet with successive dips in a bath of benihana flowers, hints at its pre-war origins. The print in a  kuro-tomesode is only below the waist, the example here is a crisscross of slender branches in soft, pale colors.

It features a round crest with two crossed falcon feathers. The name of the crest is Maruni chigai takanoha (丸に違鷹羽) and it belongs to the families Kubo and Hidaka. There may be other families bearing a similar crest. The hawk was a symbol of the samurai; in old days ”feather of hawk” was given glory as the decoration at the time of ceremony such as New Year’s Days, and great people of a samurai were able to arrive at one’s crown in old days. That’s why it is one of the family crest of arms liked most by a samurai.”

Most of our kimonos are $130-185, the one above is $175.  If you care to order one or for more information, call (503) 222-2285 during normal business hours (Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5.)

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This week, we’re rounding out our holiday gift guides with a sixth and final chapter: presents for far-away friends and great gift givers, both categories of gifting that can be a little challenging.

For far-away friends:

Where long-distance pals are concerned, it’s usually preferable to send something lightweight that is either meaningful or useful.  We suggest the Cartes Postales book, perfect for storing one’s favorite correspondence.  If your friend lives in a cold or dry climate, a hand creme from Mor is sure to be appreciated.  Pretty butterfly magnets will add a bit of color to a fridge or filing cabinet while pining up photos or notes.  Incense is lightweight, colorful and easy to throw in a care package at the last minute.  The Birds book may be small but is filled with gorgeous illustrations and in-depth information for an amateur ornithologist.  The beautiful cameo rings by jewelry designer Brehan Todd are sentimental, sweet and adjust to fit a variety of ring sizes.

Cartes Postales – Featuring Art Nouveau textured and padded covers and original floral line art inside, this album offers the perfect home for special postcards and photographs.

Neroli Clementine hand creme With glycerin & coconut oils, shea & cocoa seed butters, sesame seed oil, and Vitamins A & E, this lotion is formulated to provide superior, non-greasy moisturizing on the go.  Hands are left feeling pampered, restored and beautifully fragrant.

Butterfly magnets – A set of 6 magnets with bright butterflies screened across.  Comes in clear acryllic storage box.

Cone incense – A small round box comes filled with a rainbow of single cones of incense.  Approximately 16 cones per package.

Birds – This breathtaking collection of important and beautiful ornithological art from London’s Natural History Museum traces its development from the Renaissance through the scientific approach favored in the Age of Exploration.

Brehan Todd cameo ring – A delicate metal ring adjusts to fit your size. Delicate profile cameos update a classic look.

For great gift givers:

Just about everyone has had to shop for the person who seems to always give spectacular, unforgettable presents.  It can be a little defeating, then, to try to compete.  Eden has some excellent offerings that are sure to be much-loved by even the choosiest of individuals.  Un bois vanille, a scent by French perfumist Serge Lutens, is an edible, palate-pleasing scent.  Our Turkish suzani pillows are one-of-a-kind, made from vintage textiles.  MOR Black Emporium soaps and candles have full-bodied, long-lasting scents and come wrapped in packaging so beautiful, it’s practically a gift in itself.  (Bonus: MOR candles come in glass votives screened with 24k gold lettering!) Edward Lear’s Parrots prints fill spaces with beautiful bursts of color and the gift of the full set of 42 is sure to make an impression!  Our vintage Bolivian piano shawls can function as wraps or throws, sure to keep the wearer cozy all through winter-time.

Serge Lutens A La Nuit perfume – A flowery oriental fragrance, an authentic bouquet of jasmine.  Intriguingly sexy and confident without being too complicated.

Turkish Suzani pillow – Vintage suzanis made into pillows, with their beautiful hand-embroidered patterns bring a bohemian look to any room.

MOR Snow Gardenia soap – Gardenia, juniper berry & angelica introduce this classical fragrance with a base of ylang ylang, vanilla & sandalwood.  Vegetable based soapette, triple milled for a creamier, more luxuriant lather.  Containing Vitamin E, glycerin and shea butter.

MOR Black Cherry Plum candle - Top notes of cherries, plum red currant and tangerine zest blend with the musky aroma of blonde woods to finish in a sweet fruity scent.  Soy Wax for a cleaner longer burn, 100 % cotton, lead free wick, burns up to 40 hours.

The Parrots – This set of 42 hand-colored lithographs, originally entitled Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots, was artist Edward Lear’s finest achievement. Unlike other avian illustrators who often worked with stuffed birds, Lear made his drawings from live parrots, capturing their expressions and movements in remarkably lifelike illustrations.

Vintage Bolivian shawl – A gorgeous Victorian piano shawl made of wool with silk embroidered flowers.  This shawl, from Bolivia, can be worn or used as a throw.

See our past gift guides for a wealth of other gift-giving suggestions: 12345

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Eden is pleased to announce that, following post-production, we finally have the 22 gorgeous shots that comprise our first Look Book.  We previewed a select few of these on our blog last week and we are delighted to reveal the rest!

The release of these images coincides with the launch of Eden’s official website featuring online shopping.  What this means: many of the gorgeous garments, jewelry, accessories, decor items and furnishings shown in these photos are available to purchase, not just in our brick and mortar store but in our online store as well!  Look to captions for links to the inventory shown in these photos.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace $179. Vintage Japanese kimono, $130.

Vintage Turkish gilt cocktail ring, sold.  Jesseca Anne druzy ring, $50.

Oregon Woodsy mirror, $650.  1920s Walnut bed frame, sold.  Vintage suzani pillows, $125Vintage Indian blanket, $195Vintage Turkish suzani, $295.

Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4.

The Concept:

Three nymph-like young women venture away from their English Country manor into the nearby woods.  They pass their afternoon sipping tea and exploring the forest and lose track of time.  Somewhere in the course of the day, reality slips away to reveal a dreamy, surrealistic vision of the world.  What results, documented by the Look Book, channels love of nature, an Art-Deco design influence and 1970s glamor into a cohesive vision that expresses the spirit of Eden.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace, $179Vintage floral and rhinestone wiggle dress, $165Vintage Japanese kimono, $130Vintage suzani pillows, $125.

Fur wrap, $82Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4.

Fur wrap, $82Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4Brehan Todd Oracle cuff bracelet, $78Vintage Victorian piano shawl, $210.

Seaworthy Deco Dangle hoop earrings, $70Jesseca Anne Teardrop necklace, $150.

Jesseca Anne Teardrop necklace, $150Jesseca Anne Zodiac necklace, $40Vintage Victorian piano shawl, $210.

Velvet Victorian chair, $325.  Vintage suzani pillow, $125.

Assorted suzani pillows, $125Vintage Turkish suzani, $295.  Velvet Victorian chair, $325.

Fur wrap, $82Brehan Todd cuff, $69.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace, $179.

Trina Turk pillow, $135Vintage Indian blanket, $195.  Vintage Turkish suzanis, $110 (pink)$125 (red).

Fur wrap, $82. Seaworthy Pink Opal and Hammered Brass necklace, $85Vintage silk scarves, $24 each.

Jesseca Anne Pisces earrings, $65Seaworthy Pink Opal and Hammered Brass necklace, $85.

The Back Story:

Two weeks ago, a group of women – among them, photographers, a videographer, an art director / stylist, hair and makeup artists, two jewelry designers, three shopgirls-cum-models and one organizational mastermind – piled a mini-van and a 14-foot U-Haul to the brim with vintage dresses, textiles and furniture, jewelry, ribbons, candles, paper lanterns, a bird cage, several bottles of champagne and one Balinese crown.  We set out just after dawn, driving towards the wilderness to shoot Eden’s fall look book.

The destination – a stretch of forest between Washougal and Stevenson in the Washington woods – exceeded just about everybody’s expectations for it’s beauty, blissfully rain-free weather and the hospitality extended by hosts Annie Montgomery and Nala Saraswati.  We prepared for the shoot in their small yet majestic geodesic dome house (choicely situated on seven acres of forest) while eating chanterelles, home-made chai and drinking mimosas.  Anja Verdugo, the talented photographer, clothing designer and blogger behind Clever Nettle, tagged along taking behind-the-scenes photos, and evidence of our morning of preparation is abundant in the photos she published on her blog – check them out here.

Our party next sauntered up a curving mountain road towards a mossy, fern-encrusted river dale where some of the women had gotten a head-start setting up enchanting vignettes along a forest trail.  Those arriving later were absolutely stunned to find suzanis and chandeliers suspended from hemlock and sequoia trees, a narrow pathway strewn with silk ribbons, candles and crystals balanced on low, moss-covered branches, all situated alongside a rushing creek under a canopy of tall branches.  We think that Annie Montgomery’s photographs certainly do the day justice, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed working on them.

Photography: Annie Montgomery

Videography: Genevieve Liberte – stay tuned, there’s a companion video that we’ll be releasing very soon!

Art Direction: Allison Jones Design

Jewelry Designers / Assistants: Jesseca McCloskey and Brehan Todd

Hair: Laura Walker

Makeup: Firiel Harbin

Models: Dottie Swain, Consuelo Wise and Marika Emerson

Furniture and clothing sourced by Eden’s proprietress, Cindy Rokoff

One last note: Beyond the items highlighted in our Look Book, we now offer a large percentage of our perfumes, art books, one-of-a-kind vintage items, clothing and home decor goods for sale at www.edenportland.com – check it out!

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We introduced the lovely Consuelo to you yesterday as part of our “Meet the Eden Staff” series.  She’ll be in the shop this evening for First Thursday – stop by, say hello and peruse some of the curiosities available at Eden.

Here are a few of Consuelo’s favorite items at Eden right now, written in her own words.  She has great taste and we always enjoy hearing her thoughts on the new and antique items in the shop.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles perfume: I ‘ve spent a lot of time in Guatemala and like many Latin American countries Guatemala is full of catholic churches. Copal is a type of incense that fills the streets, hangs in the churches and is caught in your clothing durning Semana Santa, or holy week. This perfume captures that essence, it has a sort of temperature of its own.

Afghani spice containers: Wooden, hand painted and carved, mostly in red, orange and magenta hues. They could serve many functions besides spices: jewelry, loose-leaf tea, needles and sewing thread, or if you wanted something small and ceremonial, ashes.

Bronze and moonstone earrings by Trune: What I love about Trune’s jewelry and what is so gorgeous about this pair is how they evoke an old world feeling while at the same time offering something new. In Athens, there is a vast collection of Mycenean jewelry, mostly gold with jewels inlaid or wrapped; Trune’s jewelry seems to echo this style, (while also reflecting an African tribal jewelry influence.)

Uzbek 1920’s tea bowls: These small, bright orange bowls are hand painted with white and gold flowers and deer. Traditionally they were used by long distance horse riders who carried these bowls in their belts as they traveled.  I love this history in a bright decorative bowl.

Antique Turkish Suzani: This is a beautiful bridal scene in which blue deer with black and silver antlers accompany the ceremony. The Suzani is in incredible condition with all of the embroidery intact and a mauve-colored satin backing.  I love the colors, the blue deer, the symmetry.

Poppy-colored Danish deco vase: The color of this vase is amazing, the height/size is nice, it has a charcoal sort of medallion leaf print on the front, outlined with gold. The gold is very subtle. Lets have a gold and white party and fill it with white tiger lilies, white orchids and tuberose…!

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Recollections by Barbara Hulanicki, Biba’s founder on the “Biba Era”:

“There was absolutely nothing for young women to wear in the early Sixties. I was desperate, that’s why I opened the boutique… Many of our customers left home when they were 18 or 20 because they would get all this, “yak, yak, yak… what are you wearing?” from their parents. They would live in bedsits, they didn’t spend much on food, and people hung out in shops like ours, so they had money for a dress a week. Girls would come in the morning with bare faces, then make themselves up in front of a mirror with all the cosmetics.”

“The shop girls weren’t impressed by the celebrities who came in. I used to be in the offices in the back and I would ask, ‘who came in today?’ and they didn’t know. We had Barbra Streisand, who just went straight into the changing room and ripped all her clothes off. She was pregnant too. Julie Christie was always in, The Stones, The Kinks… Anna Wintour used to work at Biba, she was in and out. She was very sweet and she was chubby! She was 15 or something, I’m not sure, and terribly pretty. One of the girls came into the back once and said, ‘there’s an old man standing there and he is asking everybody out.’ I asked, ‘who is it?’ and she replied, ‘Oh I think it’s Marcello Mastroianni.’”

via The Independent.

Above: vintage advert for Biba, a famous London department store and one of Eden’s inspirations.

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