While Portlanders enjoy the last warm days of September, Eden shop girl Dottie has taken heed to the imminent season change by composing a list of the five fragrances that she imagines will be flying out the door this autumn.  These scents are richer, darker and more complicated than those typically worn during spring and summer and are meant to compliment the shorter days, warmer garments and more subdued tones of fall and winter.

1. Serge Lutens – Arabie: “A perfect scent for fall, woody and spicy with fig and date notes to sweeten it, just a touch.”

Principal notes: Cedar, sandalwood, candied mandarin peel, dried figs, dates, cumin, nutmeg, clove, balsamic resins, Tonka bean, Siamese benzoin, myrrh.

2. La Maison de la vanille – Absolu de vanille: “Creamy and decadent, not too sweet, very classy.”

Principal notes: absolute vanilla, patchouli, benzoin, opoponax, absolute tonka bean, cistus labadanum.

3. Aroma M – Geisha Noire: “Spicy and dark, like a plush velvet settee in a candlelit room.”

Principal notes: black amber, sandalwood, tonka bean.

4. Voluspa – Lichen and Vetiver Aqua de Senteur: “Like laying down on a bed of dewey moss, cool, woodsy and fresh.”

Principal notes: spring lichen moss and clean aqua, layered onto rich Indian vetiver.

5. Filles de Iles – Amber Chic: “Sweet, vanilla amber, so delicious that one could eat it.”

Principal notes: lemon zest, fresh ozonic, heliotrope, frangipani blossom, guaiac wood of the Caribbean, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla.


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We introduced the lovely Consuelo to you yesterday as part of our “Meet the Eden Staff” series.  She’ll be in the shop this evening for First Thursday – stop by, say hello and peruse some of the curiosities available at Eden.

Here are a few of Consuelo’s favorite items at Eden right now, written in her own words.  She has great taste and we always enjoy hearing her thoughts on the new and antique items in the shop.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles perfume: I ‘ve spent a lot of time in Guatemala and like many Latin American countries Guatemala is full of catholic churches. Copal is a type of incense that fills the streets, hangs in the churches and is caught in your clothing durning Semana Santa, or holy week. This perfume captures that essence, it has a sort of temperature of its own.

Afghani spice containers: Wooden, hand painted and carved, mostly in red, orange and magenta hues. They could serve many functions besides spices: jewelry, loose-leaf tea, needles and sewing thread, or if you wanted something small and ceremonial, ashes.

Bronze and moonstone earrings by Trune: What I love about Trune’s jewelry and what is so gorgeous about this pair is how they evoke an old world feeling while at the same time offering something new. In Athens, there is a vast collection of Mycenean jewelry, mostly gold with jewels inlaid or wrapped; Trune’s jewelry seems to echo this style, (while also reflecting an African tribal jewelry influence.)

Uzbek 1920’s tea bowls: These small, bright orange bowls are hand painted with white and gold flowers and deer. Traditionally they were used by long distance horse riders who carried these bowls in their belts as they traveled.  I love this history in a bright decorative bowl.

Antique Turkish Suzani: This is a beautiful bridal scene in which blue deer with black and silver antlers accompany the ceremony. The Suzani is in incredible condition with all of the embroidery intact and a mauve-colored satin backing.  I love the colors, the blue deer, the symmetry.

Poppy-colored Danish deco vase: The color of this vase is amazing, the height/size is nice, it has a charcoal sort of medallion leaf print on the front, outlined with gold. The gold is very subtle. Lets have a gold and white party and fill it with white tiger lilies, white orchids and tuberose…!

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Everyone at Eden is beyond thrilled to have the lovely folk of Porch Light Pearl right next door to us.  It’s true that we’re rather chummy -  even sharing a mini-fridge and water cooler.

Beyond kinship, we’re quite fond of their inventory – a curated dose of Americana featuring objects to furnish, decorate, serve, adorn and delight.  Owner Keiran Best scours the mid-West to bring scores of rustic, simple treasures back to her two Portland shops, Porch Light Mississippi and Porch Light Pearl.

On a recent swing through Porch Light Pearl, Molly (of Eden) selected five items that are too lovely not to share!  Here are her picks:

I’ve hunted high and low for a set of trays that can accomplish multiple purposes: breakfasting in bed, dinner parties and those inevitable evenings where dinner takes place on the couch while watching a movie.  This set, with their dogwood blossoms and pale teal color are ideal; pretty and sturdy.

While I’ve never been a devoted bracelet wearer, bangles are really resonating with me lately.  (They always seem better on bare arms in summer, anyways.)  These sets, with their stamped patterns are especially eye-catching.

My childhood home had a screened-in porch and I remember sitting out there on summer evenings in a chair much like this one.  I can vouch for how comfortable this style of chair is (especially dressed up with some large cushions!)

Geography was an early love of mine (I’ll admit to being a rather bookish child; I can even proudly claim to have placed in elementary school geography bees.)  Nowadays I’m rather rusty regarding capital cities, river systems and principalities but I still love decorating spaces with maps and globes.

From grilled cheeses and Jello casseroles to fondue and deviled eggs, the recipes that can be found in classic American cookbooks like this one range from humorous to surprisingly delectable and harken a different era in food consciousness.  This would be a lovely surprise for an adventurous cook or a nostalgic foodie.

One last note: mark your calendars because Eden and Porchlight are hosting a double Grand Opening Celebration next Thursday, July 21st at 6 pm.  We hope to see you there!

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We asked – and Dottie Swain selected a second group of “Top 5” scents for the month of July.  Dottie has a lovely sense for smell – she’ll often pick up a perfume we’ve sniffed before and passed by, holding it up to our nose with a “smell this!” and immediately, we reconsider the scent (in some cases, diving towards an obsession.)

Here are the scent descriptions (sampling in person is always advised as every scent “wears” differently) with notes from Dottie:

Lily Lambert S (from SPECTRUM series) roll-on perfume: “Reminiscent of a head shop! (In a good way!)”  A spicy warm and hypnotic scent with a body of opium and blend of amber, blackberries and a hint of patchouli.

Sage Machado Sage: “A light, crisp scent – ideal for summer.”  Crisp, aromatic top notes of cucumber and white sage from New Mexico introduce a single middle note of wild sweet pea. These rest on a base note accord of lush green musk from Kenya and sheer Egyptian musk that is accented with sweet, earthy Tonka bean.

Serge Lutens A la Nuit: “An amazing jasmine.” Egyptian, Indian and Moroccan jasmine, green shoots, cloves, white honey, benzoin and musk.

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie: “Pear and peach deliciousness.” A sweet, daring, irresistible fruity, floral blend of peach, vanilla, musky rose and grass.

Aroma M Geisha Rouge perfume oil: “Spicy like chai.”  Tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood traditional Japanese incense ingredients.

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You might know Miss Dottie Swain from Flutter on NE Mississippi or from Eden on NW 11th – she’s a marvelous lady who wear hats at both shops.  In addition to being a sweetheart of a person, a POS wizard, a closet metal-head and a realtor-in-training, Dottie has superb taste (including quite the nose for perfume.)  We asked her to select her favorite 5 scents at Eden and she obliged.

Here they are (from left to right) with descriptions of the scent (though we wish we could provide smell-o-vision!) As always, stop by Eden to sample one of our perfume testers in person!

Sage Machado Onyx: Black coconut, tobacco and oak-moss. Vanilla, amber and sheer musks.

Lily Lambert Pavo: Vanilla and musk, carnation,
mandarin oranges, cinnamon, peach and black currant.

Lily Lambert P (from SPECTRUM series) roll-on perfume: Waterlily, chocolate and mango with a whisper of nutmeg.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles: pine needles, vetiver, bay leaf, spices, fruit and incense.

Voluspa Amber Lumiere Aqua de Senteur: light amber, vanilla benzoin and Indonesian patchoili.

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