We’re excited to announce the inclusion of a new fragrance line to our perfume selection!  Meet D.S. & Durga, a boutique fragrance line produced in Brooklyn, NY using small-batch processes and natural ingredients.  The name is eponymous; D.S. designs the perfume, Durga –formerly an architect– handles the bottles and branding.  The line began with the creation of after-shaves and tinctures made exclusively for friends but the popularity of their compositions allowed the couple to expand to producing colognes for a larger audience.

(D.S. studio photos by Collin Hughes.)

Each scent is inspired by nostalgia, historical movements, war, peace, travel… imagine catching a whiff of a fragrance that conjures a memory belonging to your great-great-grandfather, or perhaps your past life as a Russian Tsarina.  Such is the effect of D.S. & Durga scents.  We’ve smelled each on men and women and our six scent selection is remarkably versatile and egalitarian.  Explore the full selection here.


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