Have you heard of Pinterest?  We’ve been loving this site as a source for inspiration images, interior decor ideas, fashion illustration, look books and product spotlights, and to track our favorite photos, illustrations and more!  Our whole staff has been contributing, and it’s neat to see a sort of multi-dimensional Eden developing through the eyes of everyone who works here.  We’re keeping the style of our boards and pins really true to the concept behind Eden: a Biba-influenced, mossy rock’n'roll English manor filled with Deco and 70′s themed curiosities and opulent oddities.  All of these images come from our Pinterest account, which you can follow here!  (We’d love to see what you’ve been up to, as well!)  And yes, Flutter has a Pinterest account too, check it out over here!

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Many of our new (and vintage) spring arrivals are reminding us of Imperial- and Soviet-era Russia!

We thought it might be interesting to share some of this inspiration in a blog post, along some of the items at Eden with a decidedly Russian style.

Images of early 20th Century Russia from Early Travel Photography (elderly Leo Tolstoy at lower right!)

Soviet-era illustrations by Alexander Rodchenko from Rodchenko: Design.

Fur hat images: 12 • 3 – Vintage Russian fox fur hat, available at Eden4

1 • 2 & 4 – Soviet-era Russian medals and pins available at Eden3

Zhostovo-style painting is a huge component of Russian folk art.  This distinct style is recognized in a collection of barrettes we’ve got at the shop right now, too!

12 • 3 – Russian Zhostovo style barrettes, available at Eden4

Much Imperial and antique Russian jewelry bears strong resemblance to that of neighboring Asian and Middle Eastern regions.  Some of our Turkish jewelry certainly fits into this category – we think these pieces (on right, for sale at Eden) look a lot like the antique Russian versions (at left.)

1 • 2 & 3 – available at Eden4

We hope you’ve enjoyed a little glimpse into our latest inspiration!  If you are interested in purchasing any of our inventory shown above, please call (503) 222-2285 during business hours (10-6 M-Sat, and 10-5 Sundays PST) or email info@edenportland.com

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  We put together a little playlist of some favorite songs about love and loving.

You can listen to it here, if you like:

Be Our Valentine! from pdxeden on 8tracks.

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For a little pre-Valentine’s Day shopping inspiration, owner Cindy and a few of our staff each compiled selections of Eden merchandise that we imagine would make dazzling, singular gifts to a beloved.  Two Eden jewelry designers, Jess of Jesseca Anne Jewelry and Brehan Todd of Brehan Todd Designs threw in their picks.  Next, we requested a little more input from multi-talented blogger, stylist and yogi Allison Jones of Allison Jones Design, who obliged us and rounded out the list to an even six.  Here they are:



Eden’s owner Cindy chose this vintage toy soldier marionette ($150,) who could be gifted as a lovely symbolic gesture for hard-earned love and affection.  Jesseca Anne’s bangle bracelets ($45) feature delicate chain tassels which provide a feminine touch to a classic and versatile style.  Maison Bouche is an Oakland based chocolatier and these cat’s tongue chocolates ($14.50) are a sweet and sentimental gift for the cat lady (or cat man) in your life.  Brehan Todd’s Volcano cuff ($112) represents a bold new direction for the Portland designer, who used glass, crystal, coral and bullet-shells on a vintage metal bracelet in this piece.



Julie always curates beautiful vintage and vintage-inspired outfits, so it’s no surprise that her Valentine’s selections are also heavy on the vintage side!  Jan Michaels lariat necklace ($85) features a beautiful brass rope chain, smooth tumbled onyx beads and little chain tassels – Michaels draws inspiration for her jewelry from Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs.  Tocca’s Cleopatra perfume ($68 for 50ml) is a full, deep fragrance with notes of grapefruit, greens, cassis, white jasmine, peach nectar, tuberose, patchouli, amber and musk.  A beautiful silk robe from the 1920s ($275) displays a floral arrangement embroidered at front and back panel, with long tassels which swing as you walk.  A colorful vintage tray ($68) shows an elegant lady out on her veranda on a bright day and could serve a number of purposes around the house (vanity table, serving cocktails, etc.)


Butterflies, slightly out of season in February, seem all the more poignant and interesting for Valentine’s Day.  I also love the idea of a Valentine (such as this framed pair, $165) that could double as art to hang on a wall.  This vintage glass vanity set ($85) is so darling with it’s tiny pink flowers and heavy glass stoppers (bonus points if it’s gifted full of a favorite candy!)  The butterfly trend isn’t over yet – check out these wonderful, heavy metal bookends ($85.)  Colored glasses make beautiful gifts, and the lily of the valley print screened on these ($8 each) makes a sweet present (these flowers symbolize sweetness and the return of happiness.)



This brass mirror ($95) would add charm and elegance to a dresser or vanity-top.  A vintage Indian quilt ($165) is a thoughtful gift in which to curl up with your sweetie, and the romantic color palette of this quilt, in shades of charcoal and coral, make it a Valentine in itself.  Serge Lutens Ambre sultan ($120 for 50ml) perfume is an irresistible, woodsy, spicy amber scent.  Voluspa’s Mandarino Cannela candle ($16.50) provides a spicy, citrusy fragrance  that when lit, transforms a space to be instantly cozy and inviting.


For the Valentine who loves editorial artwork and the printed word, La Vie Pariesienne ($39.95) provides a memorable glimpse at life in Paris during the early 20th century.  This vintage lamp ($78) featuring an Art Nouveau lady against a little moon is small enough to fit into most any decor scheme and would make an original and unforgettable present.  La Maison de la Vanille’s Absolu de Vanille ($100 for 100ml) is an incredible scent that blends woodsy and spicy notes against a vanilla palette.  Maison Bouche chocolates (featured above in Cindy’s picks) also makes chocolate bars ($6.50,) including a limited collection for Valentine’s Day.  With a number of incredible flavors (ranging from Creme Brulee to Violette to Rose with Mint) and sweet illustrated wrapping paper.



Allison Jones impeccable personal style is showcased in these selections.  Mon Bijou’s Cort bracelet ($98) is sleek and modern, so you might not imagine that this design is actually based on an antique Turkish one!  If you’re planning a Valentine’s excursion, this snakeskin print train case ($68) would be much appreciated (and useful.)  Maripol: Little Red Riding Hood ($60) is a wonderful resource for style and fashion-history buffs.  Voluspa’s Warm Perique Tabac candle ($28) has garnered a lot of nostalgic reactions from people reminded by the scent of growing up in the south, or those who say the scent (with notes of leather, wood and tabac) is strongly reminiscent of a man in their lives.

Allison Jones keeps a terrific blog, which you can see here – it’s a great resource for dressing, decor and color design.  Jewelry designers Jess and Brehan also keep blogs that track their inspirations, see Jess’s here and Brehan’s here.

Interested in something you see but no link to buy? Call the shop at (503) 222-2285 or email info[at!] edenportland.com with inquiries.

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Through portico of my elegant house you stalk
With your wild furies, disturbing garlands of fruit
And the fabulous lutes and peacocks, rending the net
Of all decorum which holds the whirlwind back.

-Sylvia Plath, “Conversation Among The Ruins”

If you have ever visited Eden, you’ve no doubt encountered George, our six foot tall taxidermy peacock (we also introduced him here a few months ago.)  George has graced a few spots in the shop, most recently our holiday window:

Peacocks have made appearances in a number of famous boutique windows as well as some very elaborate retail displays:

Lower right image: George at Eden.  All other images from here.

A number of very glamorous people (including Liberace, Phyllis Morris, Elton John and fashion designer Anna Sui) have also decorated their abodes with these stunning stuffed birds.  Here’s a taste of some spaces made more bold with the inclusion of taxidermy peacocks:

(Image sources: 1234567)

Fancy the idea of owning your very own peacock with which to grace your home’s elegant porticos?

Order one by emailing info[at]edenportland.com or calling (503) 222-2285 during business hours.  Rest assured, these birds die natural deaths and are not farmed for taxidermy purposes!

If you love the look of peacocks and are not ready to commit to a bird of your own, consider one of our decorative embroidered throw pillows:

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