Eden is pleased to announce that, following post-production, we finally have the 22 gorgeous shots that comprise our first Look Book.  We previewed a select few of these on our blog last week and we are delighted to reveal the rest!

The release of these images coincides with the launch of Eden’s official website featuring online shopping.  What this means: many of the gorgeous garments, jewelry, accessories, decor items and furnishings shown in these photos are available to purchase, not just in our brick and mortar store but in our online store as well!  Look to captions for links to the inventory shown in these photos.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace $179. Vintage Japanese kimono, $130.

Vintage Turkish gilt cocktail ring, sold.  Jesseca Anne druzy ring, $50.

Oregon Woodsy mirror, $650.  1920s Walnut bed frame, sold.  Vintage suzani pillows, $125Vintage Indian blanket, $195Vintage Turkish suzani, $295.

Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4.

The Concept:

Three nymph-like young women venture away from their English Country manor into the nearby woods.  They pass their afternoon sipping tea and exploring the forest and lose track of time.  Somewhere in the course of the day, reality slips away to reveal a dreamy, surrealistic vision of the world.  What results, documented by the Look Book, channels love of nature, an Art-Deco design influence and 1970s glamor into a cohesive vision that expresses the spirit of Eden.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace, $179Vintage floral and rhinestone wiggle dress, $165Vintage Japanese kimono, $130Vintage suzani pillows, $125.

Fur wrap, $82Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4.

Fur wrap, $82Art Nouveau-style iron chairs with velvet cushions, $625 for set of 4Brehan Todd Oracle cuff bracelet, $78Vintage Victorian piano shawl, $210.

Seaworthy Deco Dangle hoop earrings, $70Jesseca Anne Teardrop necklace, $150.

Jesseca Anne Teardrop necklace, $150Jesseca Anne Zodiac necklace, $40Vintage Victorian piano shawl, $210.

Velvet Victorian chair, $325.  Vintage suzani pillow, $125.

Assorted suzani pillows, $125Vintage Turkish suzani, $295.  Velvet Victorian chair, $325.

Fur wrap, $82Brehan Todd cuff, $69.

Balinese crown, $395. Brehan Todd “Light my fire” statement necklace, $179.

Trina Turk pillow, $135Vintage Indian blanket, $195.  Vintage Turkish suzanis, $110 (pink)$125 (red).

Fur wrap, $82. Seaworthy Pink Opal and Hammered Brass necklace, $85Vintage silk scarves, $24 each.

Jesseca Anne Pisces earrings, $65Seaworthy Pink Opal and Hammered Brass necklace, $85.

The Back Story:

Two weeks ago, a group of women – among them, photographers, a videographer, an art director / stylist, hair and makeup artists, two jewelry designers, three shopgirls-cum-models and one organizational mastermind – piled a mini-van and a 14-foot U-Haul to the brim with vintage dresses, textiles and furniture, jewelry, ribbons, candles, paper lanterns, a bird cage, several bottles of champagne and one Balinese crown.  We set out just after dawn, driving towards the wilderness to shoot Eden’s fall look book.

The destination – a stretch of forest between Washougal and Stevenson in the Washington woods – exceeded just about everybody’s expectations for it’s beauty, blissfully rain-free weather and the hospitality extended by hosts Annie Montgomery and Nala Saraswati.  We prepared for the shoot in their small yet majestic geodesic dome house (choicely situated on seven acres of forest) while eating chanterelles, home-made chai and drinking mimosas.  Anja Verdugo, the talented photographer, clothing designer and blogger behind Clever Nettle, tagged along taking behind-the-scenes photos, and evidence of our morning of preparation is abundant in the photos she published on her blog – check them out here.

Our party next sauntered up a curving mountain road towards a mossy, fern-encrusted river dale where some of the women had gotten a head-start setting up enchanting vignettes along a forest trail.  Those arriving later were absolutely stunned to find suzanis and chandeliers suspended from hemlock and sequoia trees, a narrow pathway strewn with silk ribbons, candles and crystals balanced on low, moss-covered branches, all situated alongside a rushing creek under a canopy of tall branches.  We think that Annie Montgomery’s photographs certainly do the day justice, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed working on them.

Photography: Annie Montgomery

Videography: Genevieve Liberte – stay tuned, there’s a companion video that we’ll be releasing very soon!

Art Direction: Allison Jones Design

Jewelry Designers / Assistants: Jesseca McCloskey and Brehan Todd

Hair: Laura Walker

Makeup: Firiel Harbin

Models: Dottie Swain, Consuelo Wise and Marika Emerson

Furniture and clothing sourced by Eden’s proprietress, Cindy Rokoff

One last note: Beyond the items highlighted in our Look Book, we now offer a large percentage of our perfumes, art books, one-of-a-kind vintage items, clothing and home decor goods for sale at www.edenportland.com – check it out!

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