Last Friday, the Eden crew headed out into the woods to shoot our fall lookbook.  The project started with one 14-foot U-Haul loaded with vintage furniture, one-of-a-kind Turkish suzanis, the prettiest vintage dresses, piles of local artisan jewelry, yards upon yards of ribbon, one bird cage, several paper lanterns and one enormous gold headdress.  Following the U-Haul down the road from Portland to a patch of Washington forest between Washougal and Stevenson was a mini-van full of models, jewelry designers, and an art director and quite a few bottles of champagne.

Any attempts at describing exactly how overwhelmingly delightful, how magical, inspiring and effortless the experience of working with so many talented ladies in the prettiest set imaginable really was would be ineffective.  It would be equally difficult to put into words the awe we feel at the talented photographers, videographer, hair and makeup artists, art director and jewelry designers who came along.  All we can say is that these photos comprise just a small peak of some seriously gorgeous shots.  The rest of the photos will be up on our website at the end of the month to coincide with the launch of our very own web store.  Stay tuned!

Credit where credit is due:

Photography: Annie Montgomery

Videography: Genevieve Liberte

Art Direction: Allison Jones Design

Jewelry Designers / Assistants: Jesseca McCloskey and Brehan Todd

Hair: Laura Walker

Makeup: Firiel Harbin

Models: Dottie Swain, Consuelo Wise and Marika Emerson

Furniture and clothing sourced by Eden’s proprietress, Cindy Rokoff

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Perhaps you’ve heard about Serge Lutens perfumes but have yet to sample one of these signature French fragrances.  In time for autumn, Eden has expanded our Serge Lutens selection by 5 scents. Our Lutens perfume repertoire (previously just 6 scents) now totals 11 and includes Serge noir, 5 o’clock au gingembre, Arabie, Ambre sultan and Vitriol d’oeillet.

These fragrances have a cult following for a reason!  Besides exclusivity (Eden is one of three locations in the entire Pacific Northwest to carry Serge Lutens) there is the aspect of quality.  One spritz of any Serge eau de parfum will last hours longer than other fragrances.  Each multi-layered scent develops and reveals its notes on your skin as the day passes.  We’ve tried them all ourselves and can add that no scent smells exactly the same on two different wearers.  This innate quality means that whichever you pick will more or less become a “signature scent” – it won’t smell quite the same on anyone else.

Eden’s (and sister store Flutter‘s) fragrance expert (and the woman who hand-picked all of our perfumes for us) is the lovely Sara Kolp.  Besides having just about the most talented “nose” we’ve ever encountered, Sara writes beautifully.  We unearthed her notes to our proprietress, Cindy, suggesting which Serge Lutens scents to carry and couldn’t resist sharing them here.  We think they make quite the edifying guide… if you haven’t yet found a scent for yourself, Sara makes it quite easy.

Read on…

Fille En Aiguilles

Smells like: smoky pine, thyme, fig leaf, plum, honey, patchouli, campfire, frankincense.

Who’s it for: the bohemian. Adventurous, sexy, intriguing, witchy, smart and serious.

Serge Noir

Smells like: amber, musk, cinnamon, black lacquered mirrors.

Who’s it for: a sophisticated, sexy lady with a strong personality, perhaps a cover model for a Roxy Music Album.

A La Nuit

Smells like: jasmine, orange blossom, iris, cupcakes.

Who’s it for: someone on a blind date. Intriguingly sexy and confident, but not too complicated or freaky.

Fleurs D’Oranger

Smells like: a luminous summer garden, heavy on the neroli, with a hint of warm spice.

Who’s it for: anyone who wishes the summer in Portland was a little longer.

(Photo at bottom left by Lisa Warninger of Urban Weeds.)

5 O’clock Au Gingembre

Smells like: ginger, smoky tea, earl grey with cream and honey, candied ginger, vanilla.
Who’s it for: a cultivated lady with an eye for detail and philanthropy. Elegant and composed, but warm and kind. Lovely.


Smells like: sandalwood, smoked tea, coffee, resinous woods, wool, crisp leaves, wind, sand.

Who’s it for: someone who says they hate perfume. Smells different, wild, definitely sexy but liberated.

Datura Noir

Smells like: citrus, tuberose, bitter leaves, apricot, musk, coconut.

Who’s it for: a strong, intelligent woman. Mystical, complicated and adored, like a woman in a Fellini film.

Ambre Sultan

Smells like: resinous amber, balsamic but with brighter herbal tones as well. Golden, tawny.

Who’s it for: Someone who’s not afraid to look you in the eye, but manages to maintain mystery and intrigue. Absolutely sultry and luxurious.

Un Bois Vanille

Smells like: Black vanilla, beeswax, sandalwood and a hint of licorice.
Who’s it for: Someone who needs a little sweetness in their life. This vanilla is woodsy, deep, cozy, and delicious.

Sa Majeste La Rose:

Smells like: A lovely vintage Bourbon rose, honeyed and gorgeous. Perfect.

Who’s it for: A dreamy romantic, someone fond of Monet paintings and reading Bronte. Pairs well with blushing silks.

Vitriol D’Oeillet

Smells like: Powdery soft but edgy and vibrant. Vetiver, iris, balsam, clove, carnation.

Who’s it for: Someone charming and mischievous, like the straight-A student your parents adore but who is actually quite wild and impulsive.


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October is a busy month at Eden.  We’re planning the official launch of our website which will include e-commerce, migrating our blog to a more friendly WordPress format, shooting two films and orchestrating a 1970s-inspired photo shoot to take place in the Oregon woods.  All of this is very exciting and a tad bit overwhelming, so to keep ourselves organized (and inspired,) we’re taking it all one thing at a time.

Right now, focus is on the shoot next week.  Annie Montgomery, a very talented jewelry designer and photographer will be handling the photography along with partner Genevieve Liberte (who will also be taking video footage.)  Portland stylist and personal shopper Allison Jones will act as stylist.  Anja Verdugo of Clever Nettle is tagging along to take behind-the-scenes photos.  All props, clothing and furniture (yes, we’re bringing furniture out to the woods with us) come straight from Eden.  The models will be our very own shopgirls.

Here are 10 images from our inspiration board to give you a taste for what’s to come plus a sampling of the tunes we’re listening to as we work, work, work away!

Image sources: 12345678910

Images 1, 7 and 9 by Annie Montgomery.

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