Besides stocking gorgeous textiles, bags, glassware and other accessories, Eden is also home to a host of stunning vintage Turkish jewelry.  Examining some of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind baubles at the shop, we were inspired to collage images from the past against the jewelry these subjects of historical art might have worn.

The fascination with what was at the time referred to as “The Orient” peaked among western European countries in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  It was not uncommon for Western artists to travel to countries in the Middle East for cultural experience and to find subjects for their art and inspiration.  Many of the paintings and portraits below date from this time. (Sources: 12345678910.)

The jewelry featured here is more recently made but still echoes the striking Turkish style that individuals across many cultures continue to incorporate into their homes, wardrobes, and jewel boxes.

For inquiries about any of the jewelry shown here (all of which is for sale,) please call (503) 222-2285 or email info [!at]

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While Portlanders enjoy the last warm days of September, Eden shop girl Dottie has taken heed to the imminent season change by composing a list of the five fragrances that she imagines will be flying out the door this autumn.  These scents are richer, darker and more complicated than those typically worn during spring and summer and are meant to compliment the shorter days, warmer garments and more subdued tones of fall and winter.

1. Serge Lutens – Arabie: “A perfect scent for fall, woody and spicy with fig and date notes to sweeten it, just a touch.”

Principal notes: Cedar, sandalwood, candied mandarin peel, dried figs, dates, cumin, nutmeg, clove, balsamic resins, Tonka bean, Siamese benzoin, myrrh.

2. La Maison de la vanille – Absolu de vanille: “Creamy and decadent, not too sweet, very classy.”

Principal notes: absolute vanilla, patchouli, benzoin, opoponax, absolute tonka bean, cistus labadanum.

3. Aroma M – Geisha Noire: “Spicy and dark, like a plush velvet settee in a candlelit room.”

Principal notes: black amber, sandalwood, tonka bean.

4. Voluspa – Lichen and Vetiver Aqua de Senteur: “Like laying down on a bed of dewey moss, cool, woodsy and fresh.”

Principal notes: spring lichen moss and clean aqua, layered onto rich Indian vetiver.

5. Filles de Iles – Amber Chic: “Sweet, vanilla amber, so delicious that one could eat it.”

Principal notes: lemon zest, fresh ozonic, heliotrope, frangipani blossom, guaiac wood of the Caribbean, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla.


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Eden is delighted to introduce a selection of our one-of-a-kind, imported world goods.  With clothing, home decor items, jewelry and accessories sourced from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Afganistan, Japan and India at a range of prices, there’s something for every textile enthusiast, jewelry hound and armchair traveler.

Pillows custom-made for Eden using vintage Turkish suzanis, $72 – $125.

Turkish-style colored gilt glasses, $8.

Trune jewelry, locally made in Portland from brass, copper, bronze and imported African heishi beads, $60 – $80.

1920s Uzbeki tea bowls, $28.

1960s hand-embroidered bags from India, $195.

Vintage Japanese Kimonos, $130 each.

Hand-beaded wallets from Turkey, $45.

Vintage Turkish suzanis, $110 – $295.

Everything shown here is for sale.  To place an order, simply call (503) 222-2285 or email info [!at]

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We’re nostalgic lovers of all things vintage, so of course we find something very sweet about attempting to master a style popular during our grandmother’s era.

Feeling completely smitten after coming across a set of DIY instructions on creating half-moon manicures (reminiscent of the popular 1930s nail trend,) we tried it out ourselves to show you here (we’re even adding a few extra tips gained from hard-won experience.)

On our nails, we used Sally Hansen “Time to Shine” gold glitter nail polish, OPI “Skinny Jeans” blue opalescent nail polish and Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails” clear topcoat but you can use whatever varieties and colors of polish you like!

Step One: fingers should be nail-polish free, clean and dry (applying nail polish to nails after a shower or soak is less effective because water will evaporate post-application and the polish will no longer be even.)  Apply clear base coat over entire nail.  Allow to dry.

Step Two (Optional:) If you care for the “moon” of your nail to be a certain color, paint your nails (entirely) that color and allow to dry.

Step Three: Using regular ol’ masking tape, cut little half-moon shaped stickers and lay them over the top “moon” of your fingernails.  *Optional: cover bottom line of nail with another sticker (this is much closer to the true style in which ladies painted their fingernails in the 1930s.)

Step Four: Apply “main” manicure color to nails, making sure the line of the sticker is covered.  Allow to dry.

Step Five: Remove stickers and apply topcoat to your nails.

Viola!  You’re all done.  If you messed up at all, you can use a q-tip or an orange stick dipped in a little remover to clean up uneven lines and edges.

All in all, this was only slightly more time-consuming than a typical manicure (mostly caused by the cutting out and applying of masking tape moons.)  If you’re looking to shake up your regular ol’ manicure or find a way of incorporating multiple colors of nail polish, we’d recommend trying this out (and would love to hear about your results!)

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The shop is full of gorgeously detailed items, both vintage and new.  We selected some of our favorites and took some very up-close-and-personal photos.  Can you recognize what’s what?

Read on for answers…


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