Meet Julie!  Eden is proud to have her as one of our lovely staff members.  You may have had a chance to meet Julie and the other ladies at Eden during our Grand Opening Celebration.  If you missed that opportunity, don’t worry; we’ll be introducing everyone involved in the coming week.

A true aesthete, Julie brings a sense of style to everything she does; from being meticulously well-dressed, well-heeled and perfectly coifed every time we see her to being the unofficial seamstress at Eden when a stitch is out of place (a duty she performs with aplomb!)

Julie is also well-versed in design, decor, cooking, sewing,  and historic preservation.  She loves houses and has quite the eye for interior design, a skill she applies quite handily to her own home as well as around Eden – spotting the little finishing touches we’d forgotten to apply (such as suggesting an ergonomic handle for the front desk drawer or a curtain to shield our bathroom from the recycling area.)  Needless to say, we’d be lost without her!

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The temperate weather and sunny days of this week and last have inspired us to put together a little inspiration board.

Here it is: a rainbow spectrum of fashion photos old and new, meant to celebrate summer and act as a little wardrobe inspiration (for those of us still stuck in Portland grays and blacks less than a week away from August.)

Pull out your brightest sundress (or stop by Eden to select one of ours) and soak up some rays!

Sources (left to right:)
Top Row: 1 L’Official archives 2 Unknown 3 4 L’Official archives
Second Row: 1 2 3 4
Third Row: 1 L’Official archives 2 3
Bottom Row: 1 L’Official archives 2 3 L’Official archives

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Eden’s Grand Opening Celebration will feature (in addition to snacks, bubbly and shopping) Portland DJ Pippa Possible spinning records – we’re tremendously excited! It seemed fitting to provide a sneak peak / spotlight on this lovely and talented local woman.

Pippa lives and works as a live and radio DJ, interdisciplinary fine artist, time artist and curator.  If you’re a devotee of thez NE shop Palace of Industry, you’ve likely seen and heard Pippa spinning records every Saturday evening at IT’S POSSIBLE, her weekly theme-night.  Pippa also spins grunge music at the Record Room once a month called COME AS YOU ARE.

From Pippa:
I grew up in Santa Cruz, California. My father is a fine artist who worked at a used book and record store throughout my life, and I was raised listening to an eclectic collection of music.  I can remember being very small, sitting at the base of his drafting table, listening to music and watching him paint. I suppose that I absorbed his very “worldy” and eclectic taste, and added to it when I came of age in the late nineties, immersing myself in the world of basement shows and independent venues.

When I was a teenager and young adult, I began to go to shows.  I used to help out my friends who were in bands by making flyers for their house shows and stuff like that.  My sister is ten years older than me so I was informed by her taste in New Wave and later Grunge.

I moved to Portland when I was 20, in 2000.  It was here that I started to DJ, and curate shows.  I formed Thee Kaleidoscope, a DJ triptych, with pals Sasha Burchuk and Patrick Dennehy. We spun records and occasionally booked shows at Bush Gardens Lounge and other venues such as Fast Forward.  I joined a live experimental radio show on KBOO as a member of The Groop.

I moved to Chicago in 2007 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I received my BFA in Studio Arts. I focused my studies on Video, Performance and Audio. At SAIC, I was the Station Manager of FreeRadioSAIC. I hosted shows,  DJed school-wide events and free-lanced around Chicago. After receiving my BFA, I returned to Portland last year and began to DJ at Palace of Industry.

Favorite genres of music: I have eclectic tastes. If you were to look at my collection, I suppose you would conclude Folk / Rock / Pop, but I grew up listening to music from all over the time/space continuum. I love a bit of everything, honestly.

Favorite musicians: Harry Nilsson, McGarrigle Sisters, Sandy Denny, Led Zeppelin, Astor Piazzola.

Favorite record stores: Locally, Mississippi Records is a great spot. Green Noise. The albums they release are fantastic! In the Bay Area, I tend to go to Amoeba, Streetlight in Santa Cruz, Logos Books and Records.  I have been occasionally lucky at thrift stores, and in dollar bins, too.

Outside of DJing,  I like to dance, doodle and take snapshots. I am a professional time-based and fine artist.  My video work has been screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center, in the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and the Onion City Experimental Film Festival. I am currently exhibiting collages at Musee 16 gallery in Santa Ana, California, and have upcoming exhibits in Portland.

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Recollections by Barbara Hulanicki, Biba’s founder on the “Biba Era”:

“There was absolutely nothing for young women to wear in the early Sixties. I was desperate, that’s why I opened the boutique… Many of our customers left home when they were 18 or 20 because they would get all this, “yak, yak, yak… what are you wearing?” from their parents. They would live in bedsits, they didn’t spend much on food, and people hung out in shops like ours, so they had money for a dress a week. Girls would come in the morning with bare faces, then make themselves up in front of a mirror with all the cosmetics.”

“The shop girls weren’t impressed by the celebrities who came in. I used to be in the offices in the back and I would ask, ‘who came in today?’ and they didn’t know. We had Barbra Streisand, who just went straight into the changing room and ripped all her clothes off. She was pregnant too. Julie Christie was always in, The Stones, The Kinks… Anna Wintour used to work at Biba, she was in and out. She was very sweet and she was chubby! She was 15 or something, I’m not sure, and terribly pretty. One of the girls came into the back once and said, ‘there’s an old man standing there and he is asking everybody out.’ I asked, ‘who is it?’ and she replied, ‘Oh I think it’s Marcello Mastroianni.’”

via The Independent.

Above: vintage advert for Biba, a famous London department store and one of Eden’s inspirations.

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You’re invited… please join us at 221 NW 11th Avenue for a Grand Opening Celebration next Thursday, July 21st at 6 pm.

Eden and next door neighbor shop Porch Light are throwing a double fete and we will be sharing bubbles and treats.

Come meet us and our neighbors, peruse both shops and explore the Pearl!

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