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Kiowa Rose Black and Aqua Fringe Necklace

Kiowa Rose Black and Aqua Fringe Necklace
Brand: Kiowa Rose
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A gorgeous statement necklace in shades of black, green and gold. At the center, a Czech glass button is with seed beads in a beautiful matte peacock green shade with matte black and gold accents. The fringe is made with some amazing extra-long black beads and more of the same green, black and gold seed beads as the center rosette, soft green luster finish drops and fire polish beads.  A very elegant yet fun piece reminiscent of the flappers of the 1920's. Handmade by Kiowa Rose.

Kiowa Rose jewelry is made by Rosie Long, who has been making jewelry and doing bead work for over 40 years.  She developed her distinct style through experimentation and self-teaching and strives to make each piece an individual work of art as well as a piece to be passed down to the next generation.  Rosie loves the flow and beauty of the Art Nouveau style and finds much inspiration in that style as well as in the beauty and grace of nature.