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Gorgeous George - Taxidermy Peacock

Gorgeous George - Taxidermy Peacock
Brand: Vintage
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Meet George!  His full name is “Gorgeous George” and no, we didn’t make that up – this stunning stuffed peacock was christened by his maker -er, taxidermist!

If you’ve been to Eden, then you’re probably already acquainted with George, who is not just handsome but tall – measuring nearly 7 feet from crest to tail.  George and other taxidermy peacocks like him have been hand-crafted in Selah, Washington since 1978.  Rest assured, all of these birds die natural deaths and are not farmed for their exquisite plummage or forms!

Peacocks like George have found homes in the chic abodes of many celebrities, including Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, Gypsy Rose Lee, Liberace and Joan Collins, and could happily perch in your home as well!  They are made to order and can be posed in a number of different postures.  For information please email info[at!]